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Coastal Décor Ideas

Brightly lit living room featuring coastal colors and décor.

Channel a relaxed vibe with this cool, laidback look

Comfortable and serene, coastal style makes you want to kick off your shoes and go barefoot, as if you were spending a day at the beach. But you don’t need to live near the ocean, a lake, or any body of water to evoke this breezy aesthetic in your own home. Incorporate a few of the design ideas below that borrow from ocean blues and sandy shores, and you’ll channel the calm energy that’s inherent with this approach to decorating. 


Pay Attention to Color

A neutral color palette is the most soothing, with white, ivory, beige or warm grays working well as foundational colors. For a timeless appeal, layer neutrals in a variety of textures. 

To make the coastal seaside connection, as well as to add depth, incorporate pops of blue or green in varying shades. 

Add Texture

Natural materials, such as jute, sisal, rattan and bamboo are a beautiful way to add texture to coastal-inspired décor. Look for baskets, trays, rugs or lamps in those materials, which pair well with a neutral color scheme.

Layer Area Rugs

Speaking of texture, layering area rugs is an easy way to not only add texture to coastal décor, but to also incorporate color and pattern. Use a natural-colored rug with texture for your base and then top it with a smaller rug with an interesting pattern or colors that pop.

Incorporate Wood

Another way to bring a beachy vibe into your home is with wood. Whether you do it through a dreamy, pale-toned shiplap wall, a coffee table crafted of driftwood, or a whitewashed wood floor, you can’t go wrong with the weathered appearance of wood. 

Use Foliage

If you’re going for tropical coastal décor, palm fronds or palm plants, whether artificial or real, are a must. A single artificial stem in a vase serves as an eye-catching focal point, while a real potted palm or two lends a light and airy feeling.

Dress Up Your Windows

When planning your coastal décor, don’t forget about window treatments—key for providing light control during the day and privacy after the sun sets.

The clean lines and minimal design of roller shades pair well with the understated style of a coastal look. And a wide variety of solids, prints and patterns means you’ll easily be able to find a roller shade fabric that complements your interiors. Shutters also connote a beachy aesthetic, as do woven wood shades, both of which help create visual interest in rooms that are primarily white.  

Include Accent Pieces

It goes without saying that seashells, coral, sea glass and fishing floats all bring the beach indoors, and are ideal accents for a coffee table or bookshelf. Try not to go overboard, though, when it comes to seaside extras, as too many will take a room from tasteful to tacky.

Naturally lit living room with sofas in sand and blue colors. Soft blues add a hint of color to a neutral palette.
Bed and nightstand with textured headboard and lamp. Bring texture into a room with natural materials.
Mudroom featuring wood-paneled walls, wooden bench, and wood flooring. Channel a coastal feeling with weathered wood.
Living room featuring green plants. A potted palm makes a striking focal point.
Window featuring Provenance® Woven Wood Shades. Provenance® Woven Wood Shades bring a touch of the outdoors in.
Coffee table décor featuring seashells, plants, and books. Style a coffee table with a selection of seashells.

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