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Creating A Kitchen Island

A kitchen island with marble top.

Enhance Your Kitchen

We all know that the kitchen becomes the center of almost any fun gathering of family and friends and an island is at the center of that social experience!

An island - or peninsula - should add functionality and efficiency to your kitchen. At the same time, its look and size provides an anchor to your kitchen and often a dividing line between the kitchen itself and the living space around it.

A kitchen island with sink and counter. Kitchen islands often become the focal point of social gatherings.

Consider All Purposes

When you plan your kitchen island, consider all purposes you want or need, including:

  • A second sink, stovetop or oven
  • A wine refrigerator
  • Extra counter space
  • Extra storage, which can be closed cabinets, open storage or both
  • Extra seating for casual meals, kids’ homework or guests to hang out while you cook

A kitchen island with a sink Adding an island allows you to add another sink to your kitchen.

Kitchen Island Design Ideas

Think of these choices when designing your kitchen island:

  • Use the same cabinet color and countertops as the rest of the kitchen or a contrasting color and style
  • Add interesting bar stools and beautiful pendant lighting
  • Create a shape that complements your floor plan and allows enough space to move around (and open dishwasher and oven doors completely)
  • Add open shelving above your island to display your cookbooks or your most beautiful glasses and dishes 
  • Hang your pots and pans above the island 

Add function to your kitchen with an island. It will become the focal point of your kitchen, and maybe even your home.

A kitchen island with rustic bar stools and pendant lamps. Enhance your kitchen island with interesting bar stools and pendant lighting.

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